There is no such thing as good writing, only good rewriting. During the scripting process we are constantly refining the tone of voice. Defining this helps connect the film with your audience. When we get this voice right it makes your films stand out from the pack and reflects your brand’s personality. 


Working from the script we develop storyboards to assist the production team to visualise each scene, shot-by-shot. It gives an accurate impression of frame size, perspective, movement and additional elements that are required to make the take the story from page to screen.


On set is a film makers favourite place to be. The excitement of creating something new is palpable and infectious. At Glued we pride ourselves on creating a positive working environment. We believe when you create happy set with good vibes anything is achievable. Okay, There has to be a hierarchy, but on a Glued set, no one barks at the runners, we consider everyone on the team as an essential cog in our production machine.

Ultimately, here is where all the elements we have prepared and collated get pulled together to create the best visuals possible.

There are always curveballs, the weather, technical difficulties...and... ahem...pandemics, but when you have prepared (see our previous page) you create your own luck and then you can just roll with the punches.

Making the most out of shoot days is like patting your head rubbing your belly at the same time. Fortunately for us over the years that’s a skill we have mastered, focusing on the minutiae within a shot and the scene as a whole.


Here’s where it all comes together. Often in production, to streamline the process, it's typical to shoot out of sequence. Post-Production is the final stage of the process where the the jigsaw gets pieced together and with a little cut here, trim there all the joins disappear.

In order to finish your film(s) we edit, colour grade, add sound effects, music, occasionally add a voice over, mix sound and include VFX and/or motion graphics to dazzle your audience. Again, it all comes down to your story.

We deliver to whatever flavour format your destinations require. For instance, for social we reframe and export into formats that are perfect for whatever device your audience decides to devour their content on.

We ensure that all films for broadcast meet the necessary compliance standards and regulations. We handle the process for you so you don’t have to.