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Our latest production at Glued Films was something a little closer to home. We’ve just completed production on a series of short films to launch and explain YellowDog, a brand new way of image rendering sure to become every animator’s best friend. The movies were animated using a combination of After Effects and package called Toon Boom Harmony, which has powerful 2D rigging and morphing tools ideal for adding movement and personality to the YellowDog character. The first preview of the animation took place at the Encounters Short Film Festival in Bristol, complete with BBC coverage, and will also be seen at forthcoming Pitch@Palace events, organised by the Duke of York’s office to bring together the most forward thinking entrepreneurs. The brainchild of IT guru Gareth Williams, YellowDog works by using crowd sourced computer processing power gathered together from thousands of individual PCs and laptops, creating a super computer that can chew through the largest of animation rendering jobs with ease. In return for their otherwise unused power, the providers get money for nothing apart from leaving their machines running, which they can keep or donate to a chosen charity.

“Rendering is a constant headache for animation and production studios. The platform YellowDog has created will be a huge leap forward for cloud based rendering, helping to control time and cost for large and small companies alike. We are very proud of the films – the Glued team worked hard to make the Yellowdog character come to life and to make the movies clear and informative but also engaging, in line with the brand personality.” Edward Davis – Glued Films 


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