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The whole team stopped for 10 minutes this morning to gather round and watch this.

We were absolutely blown away with how advanced the process was. The same principles are employed today, yet we rely on computers and software which help cut out a lot of the manual labour of changing huge glass slides and winding scenery on. That said, even today, creating an animation is by no means a quick and easy task. It requires days of patience in front of a computer screen, modelling and rigging characters, perfecting the way in which they move and interact. 

We had seen different techniques imagined by Walt Disney to help its animators to create his masterpieces, like the rotoscoping technique or the use of simple mirrors. But to invent the future of animation, Walt Disney was often a precursor, as shown in this video filmed in 1957, explaining the principle of the MultiPlane Camera, allowing the animators to create depth effects never seen at this time! You can jump directly to 3:23 for the demonstration. – View on Ufunk.net

The early Disney animations are still loved and adored all over the world today and almost 60 years on they’re still clearing up at the Oscars. Sunday we saw them win best animated short for Patrick Osborne’s Feast, and best animated feature for Don Hall and Chris Williams’s Big Hero 6.

How will we be creating and watching animation another 60 years from now and will Disney will still be leading the charge?

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