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Ed is our fearless captain, navigating and keeping the wind in our sails. When he is not pushing the company in the right direction he is doing it with your project. Ed’s knowledge of the production process is vast having organised shoots all over the world. From Australia to Yemen, Ed has had to coordinate shoots in political risk countries and countries that carry strict equipment rules. Ed brings all that experience to each shoot, analysing the ins and outs of all the moving parts.



Starting his working life as an actor (oh darling), Ben soon realised his real passion lied behind the camera. Having trodden the boards Ben understands what its like to be infront of the camera and has an empathy to extract the best performace from actors and non-actors alike. Having cut his teeth directing and editing short films for broadcast and working for several companies down south, Ben made the move back to his native home of Manchester. Ben wears several hats and loves working on all aspects of production. On smaller jobs he is a competent self-shooter and when budgets and projects are bigger he is very comfortable directing.



We don’t know how it happened but somehow Joe dominates our Spotify account! When he is not bombarding our ears with his favourite ‘beats’ he is happy beavering away on 3D and 2D projects alike. Joe lives and breathes graphics. A master compositor he ingenuously integrates 3D elements within to our live action footage, creates stunning motion graphics and can rig an anthropomorphic model in the blink of an eye.



Having joined in 2016, Nicole has settled in nicely within the glued team. A massive Christopher Nolan fan she can often be found deconstructing film looks or modelling something for us in 3D. And she’s Scottish… Don’t call her Glaswegian though unless you want a head butt!


We make sure we understand your brief and bring together the skills, experience and creativity to ensure a WOW with every final cut: from a 2-minute corporate video to a collection of 15 second social media films.

Whether we come up with the creative, or we are visualising yours, we take great care to better understand the business or product featured in each film.

If you are making the jump into TV we can guide you through the Clearcast approval process throughout the production, coordinating the whole project from concept to final delivery.


It’s that light bulb moment when inspiration strikes. It all starts here. We strongly believe that story is king; whether it be live action or animation your audience needs to engage with the narrative you are telling. Whether we are creating original content or visualising your script, everything we do to create your finished film serves your story. We storyboard and create script breakdowns so that nothing is missed.


There are so many components to be coordinated in order to have a successful production. We bring our expertise and knowledge to the all-important preproduction stage. We create detailed schedules before the camera starts to roll to ensure everyone understands what is being delivered and when. Throughout the process we are clear and upfront about costs so you can be reassured you know where and how your budget is being spent. Whether a project is interview led, features actors or needs a voice over we have great relationships with casting agents to ensure the best talent for your project. Equally, we have a great team of dedicated professionals across all areas of production to bring your project to life.


Large global projects to projects for small businesses, high-end corporate films to national advertising campaigns, there isn’t a lot we don’t know how to make. We are perfectionists and our attention to detail means every frame is thought through before the camera starts to roll. Each and every project we undertake benefits from the latest technology and best-fit crew. We pull together the right skills and equipment for the job. Each and every piece of equipment that helps us get the job done is carefully considered whilst paying special attention to story and budget. Whatever it takes to achieve perfection. We work with a variety of cameras shooting up to 6K to ensure quality and longevity meaning we can craft complicated shots as simply as possible enhancing the viewers experience.

Making these decisions requires experience… between us we have over 20 years directing and producing in the film industry.


Editing is knowing what to keep in and what to leave out and that’s where our 20 years experience comes in (yet again). However, there is much more to post than just editing our team can add sparkle to your film by creating motion graphics, 3D or 2D elements, VFX, SFX, Music, Voice over and colour grade. We have 2 edit suites and an abundance of skilled animators with all the latest software at their disposal. These are elements that help lift your film by adding greater production value, style and finesse.

When is comes to TV commercials we online and finish to broadcast standards and have a working relationship with Adstream and Clearcast, making delivery a stress free affair.


2D or 3D; hand drawn or stop motion; we create stunning and engaging animation to tell your story. Animation helps to tell stories in a different way. It brings ‘character’ to the subject and helps to connect with audiences whatever their age.

We evaluate the project from every angle ensuring that we create just the right style for each animation.

When it comes to character development our illustrators meticulously craft each character, thinking at every stage about their movement and interaction.

If you are told it can’t be done, we say it probably can. Our Visual Effects department are experts in making the unreal real. Whether its making a building appear or taking you into another world, our team use the latest software to ensure that not only is it possible, it is also believable. This might be by using a green screen studio, tracking live footage or Roto-Scoping. Our aim is that our VFX are so good you don’t notice them.



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