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The Client
Sellick Partnership
Sellick Partnership is a leading UK Recruitment firm, with offices across the country and a dedicated team of specialists working in the Financial, Legal and recruitment sectors.
The Brief
After creating a series of videos back in 2013, which achieved great results attracting new employees, Sellick returned to us. We were tasked with demonstrating the value of a specialist recruiter while highlighting the importance of talent to an organization. They wanted us to raise the bar! They wanted something high impact and eye-catching, something, which told the audience about who they are and how they work…

Sellick were willing to throw themselves into the project; so we worked with thirteen members of the team, none having any previous acting experience but all of them keen and willing to take direction. Now for a concept; we understood the importance of ‘people’ within the recruitment industry and we wanted to work with that. We used a mixture of 3D graphics and live action which involved the staff delivering their lines sitting on a giant version of the company logo.

The Production
To create this film, we shot on green screen in the fantastic Big Shed Studios in Trafford Park. We needed to maximise the quality of the image, so we decided to shoot in 4K and shoot in portrait using the Canon 1DC, this gave us less wasted screen space, maximising the coverage of each contributor. We shot all the Sellick employees either seated or standing, dependent on the script and how we’d drawn up the storyboards. Luckily everyone had practised their lines and responded really well to Ben’s direction, which we think shows in the finished product.
Production Shot
Production Shot
Production Shot
Post Production
Post Production

Shooting in portrait provided a few issues, which we rectified by turning the monitor on its side! Once we had the cut we had to ‘key’ all the footage, this is a process in which we get rid of all the green in the background. Once we had done this it was time for the graphics.
Post Production
Post Production
Sellick Animation Breakdown
The animation process was essential in order to create the illusion that the team was sitting in studio, on top of a giant logo. We created the logo in 3D and then once it was rendered and lit, we composited the team into the correct places and we had our finished film!
The Result
Sellick Recruitment Homepage Video
Sellick Video and Feedback
Working with Glued was a new experience for us and one we felt part of every step of the way. They were able to strike a balance between demonstrating our culture and demonstrating our professionalism. Not only was it great fun, we are absolutely delighted with the finished videos.
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